Your satisfaction matters!

For more than 15 years, we have used the Promosalons satisfaction barometer to poll the expectations of member shows and adjust our services accordingly. This assessment supplements the tools used to monitor customer relationships and is crucial for optimising our network’s performance. For this reason, and to save time, we have shortened the survey and made it simpler to complete.

Promosalons listens to its customers

Every day, as part of our holistic support strategy, the sales and marketing team at Promosalons Paris makes sure our member shows are satisfied. This constant monitoring is designed to better understand and meet the expectations of organisers when planning their international promotions.

For example, our head office acts as an interface between regional Promosalons offices and member shows, taking care to ensure that the network is effective at each stage of the process (tenders, promotional campaigns, post-show reports, and so on). When we receive show reports, we note areas requiring special attention and draw up a list with the regional offices of recommended actions for future sessions.

The satisfaction survey, routinely sent out with each show report, supplements this monitoring process. It is a methodical survey that allows us to poll customer satisfaction in a number of areas, including our advisory role, our responsiveness, our involvement and our capacity for innovation. It also allows us to identify ways to improve our network and optimise the performance of our regional offices.

An optimised questionnaire that will definitely save time

For purposes of efficiency and simplification, this year we have reduced the number of questions in the survey and added some helpful elements such as:

  • a list of offices that have worked with the show concerned;
  • the option to save responses without finalising the entire assessment, making it possible to go back and modify or complete the questionnaire;
  • the option to receive an assessment summary by contacting Amal Ziani, head of marketing surveys at Promosalons Paris (

This new online platform gives show organisers the opportunity to express their opinions and what they expect from Promosalons offices.

We are aware that your time is precious and limited, which is why we have made the survey quicker and easier to fill out. The time you take to assess the Promosalons offices is not wasted! It is an investment in future promotional services.