Why the region is good for French trade shows!

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(posted on 23/07/2015)

Eastern Europe

Eastern European countries have much in common, and for years our offices in this region have been working hand in hand to promote French trade shows. In this latest Promosalons newsletter, we offer you more insight into this region, which is now being coordinated by Olivier Médros, director of our Croatian office.

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Proximity to France:
All countries in the region are within 2½ hours of France by air, which makes attendance easy. In addition, many low-cost airlines operate in these countries and therefore travel is no longer a financial obstacle.

Positive growth:
In 2015 all countries returned to positive GDP growth. Their economies picked up quickly following the recession and businesses began investing again. In 2014 there was a general increase in visitor numbers to all shows represented by Promosalons in the region.

A buoyant economy thanks to subsidies:
A number of these countries have joined the EU recently and have benefited from pre-accession assistance (several hundred million euros), which has boosted their development.

Determination to break into the French market:
Many countries are keen to increase their exports to France and trade shows are often the first step to achieving this.