Visitor’s portrait

(posted on 4/05/2017)


Senegal is a stable and hospitable country, keen to modernise, and is currently enjoying dynamic growth supported by international partnerships. Its close cultural and economic ties with France feature heavily.

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Senegalese visitors are usually technicians, engineers or specifiers representing private companies or government bodies. Their aim is to gather information, learn about innovations and meet potential suppliers.

They are very keen on talks and technical demonstrations. Newcomers are often rather overawed and lack the confidence to make contact with other professionals. They are also not used to keeping to strict timetables for meetings or guided tours. Having someone to accompany them can help with arrangements and facilitate contacts. Returning visitors gain in self-assurance and independence. Given the cost of their trip, the Senegalese are quite demanding when it comes to the service offered, in terms of accommodation, visits or facilities at the trade show.