Visitors expect a warm welcome in a secure environment

Visitor’s portrait

(posted on 27/07/2018)

For an Asean professional, visiting a French trade show requires quite an investment! They stay for around five days and have an average budget of €2,000.

For some countries, travel requires a Schengen visa. To do all this requires commitment, hence the quality of visitors from this region. Asean visitors make the most of their stay, both professionally and personally. As well as the trade show, they organise technical visits, appointments with customers and suppliers and sightseeing. They spend between one and one and a half days at the trade show, leaving little time for appointments with the exhibitors or organisers.

Given the efforts made to get there, visitors expect a privileged welcome: access to the VIP club, to the rest area, a Wifi connection, etc. For major buyers, a private visit to new elements of the trade show is greatly appreciated. Faced with occasional security issues, including theft, they find it difficult to go through the necessary formalities and appreciate assistance here.

In order to do business with an Asean professional, some cultural aspects need to be understood: their highly hierarchical society shows great respect for elders and managers. They can be a little inaccessible so first contact should be via their assistants. Relationships are based on networking: being recommended is the best way of starting long-term collaboration. Personal and professional lives are intertwined, at the office and on social media. Another feature is that any problems are dealt with indirectly rather than front-on.