Understanding the US visitor

Visitor’s portrait

(posted on 1/06/2016)


A giant both in geographical and economic terms, the USA offers numerous markets to be won. With its power, economic dynamism, openness to international trade and modern outlook, America offers a host of opportunities across a wide range of business sectors.

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US visitors are pragmatic. They don’t indulge in rhetoric and get straight to the point. Be sure to use their first names when speaking or writing to them.

Their legendary optimism gives them a bold edge in business. They are not afraid of taking risks if they believe in a project.

Service is paramount for US professionals. At trade shows, getting to and from Paris and the airports easily is particularly important to them – free shuttles are popular – as is a pleasant visitor experience, fast WiFi in all the halls and clean washrooms.
Americans generally find the French quite unfriendly, so it’s very important to give them a warm welcome, in English if possible.