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(posted on 30/10/2014)


is one of the world’s richest countries thanks in particular to its reserves of oil and natural gas, and the prospects for promoting a French trade show there are favourable.

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Some clues to close in better on the norwegian professional:

Conduct: Individual and independent by nature, determined and very critical in business, Norwegian professionals like to get straight to the point. They are not always the decision-makers and will rarely conclude a contract on the spot. In Norway, decisions are taken collectively, which is why the process can often be slow.

Habits: Norwegians are casual and like to be contacted directly. Their collaborative partnerships are based on verbal agreements.

Qualities: Norwegians are honest, reserved and discreet. They make formidable business partners and are trustworthy.

Weaknesses: Volatile by nature, they lose interest quickly if they do not find what they are looking for.

Expectations: Punctuality, precision and honouring commitments are top priorities, which is why it is important to have a dedicated and attentive contact person.

Things they appreciate in a trade show: The quality and diversity of the offer, supported by the presence of some big names. They prefer a low-key welcome, but are sensitive to the quality of the infrastructure (catering, services, signposting). They appreciate simple solutions that enable them to make rapid progress.

Things they find disappointing about trade shows: Unforeseen events that prevent their visit going as planned, the absence of English documentation or English-speaking contact people, queues and bottlenecks give a disorganised impression.

Things to avoid: Norwegians are distrustful of compliments, flattery and superlatives in general.

How to spot them at a trade show: They usually carry a rucksack. Very practical