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(posted on 25/07/2016)


Blessed with considerable capacity to overcome economic and climatic crises, the Land of the Rising Sun is still the third world power. With an economy highly dependent on foreign trade, Japan continues to be a preferred trading partner and one of the main countries participating in our trade shows.

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Japanese professionals are not comfortable discussing business with foreigners, mainly because of the language barrier, so they tend not to be very talkative and prefer to be accompanied by an interpreter. They favour group travel for the reassurance it brings.

Being blessed with state-of-the-art facilities in their own country, the Japanese expect to find the same quality services in France and at French trade shows, such as coin lockers for storing their belongings, electrical terminals to recharge their mobile devices and moving walkways to get around the exhibition more quickly.

Strict, punctual and well organised, they don’t like to waste time and come to trade shows for three main reasons: to discover the trends and innovations in their sector, learn new techniques unknown in Japan, and collect samples they can present to their teams with a view to making buying decisions collectively.

The Japanese do not like to say no directly. In general, no decision is taken at the end of a meeting and the business relationship will be formed when trust is established. In Japan, decisions are made by consensus, which can sometimes make negotiations lengthy and frustrating. You should not therefore expect immediate results and patience is needed.