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(posted on 13/05/2015)


Israel ranks among the most powerful nations in the world, and has been one of the most resilient countries in the face of the economic crisis. It has a strong economy and a dynamic foreign trade sector.

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It’s useful to know that Israeli professionals are generally spontaneous, determined and not afraid to take risks - a combination that, for the uninformed, can sometimes be surprising during initial business meetings.

At trade shows they are looking for added value, the offer that will make a difference in terms of innovation and services to visitors.

Israeli professionals are very well connected and expect certain technologies as standard at the show (for example, free Wi-FI throughout the entire show). Event signage and comfortable dedicated spaces are also very important and help create a lasting positive impression of the show for visitors.

Israeli visitors particularly appreciate being greeted by a fellow Israeli who speaks their language and knows the show inside out so they can guide them around more easily.