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(posted on 23/02/2016)

South Korea

This country is unusual in that it has been both a beneficiary of and a contributor to OECD aid. Today, the South Korean peninsula is prospering as a result of its export-based economic model.

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Respect for hierarchy and the community are essential values in Korea, particularly in the business world. Consequently, decision-making may take longer than in France. On the other hand, once a decision has been reached, Korean business people expect responsiveness.

Koreans particularly appreciate the presence of an interpreter to welcome them and guide them around the trade shows they visit, since they are generally not comfortable speaking English. As a result they prefer to visit overseas trade shows as a group.

Respecting protocol is crucial when high-ranking guests attend a trade show. It is also very important not to confuse South Korea with North Korea.

Once at trade shows, Koreans appreciate good customer service. They also expect to find information in English about the participants (exhibitors, speakers).