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(posted on 10/02/2015)


As the world’s tenth economic power, Canada boasts a healthy economy and has seen its GDP increase every year for more than two decades. Despite a trade deficit, the country’s exports and imports have grown in recent years and the Canadian government expects a balanced budget in 2015.

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Canadians tend to be very easy-going and tolerant; they appreciate politeness and are very attached to protocol.

At the start and end of a meeting, it is important to shake hands with each person while maintaining eye contact. Business cards are exchanged after introductions and should be read carefully before being put away. Care must also be taken to respect each person’s communication language.

It is better not to interrupt English-speaking Canadians because, unlike French-speaking ones, they will find this very rude.

In general, communication in Canada is known as “moderately indirect”, reflecting an amalgam of British and North American tendencies. Canadians may openly disapprove of an idea, but will do so with tact and diplomacy.

When attending a trade show, industry professionals are very conscious of the services provided within and outside the show. They particularly like high-quality content such as talks, special events at the show and outside tours. It is very important to make them feel welcome, and although they are very independent, they still need to be accompanied throughout their visit by a show representative.

Since the journey from North America is long and expensive, we don’t want them to leave disappointed, because with Canadians there is no second chance. They expect the communication process to be clear and accurate. If they notice an error regarding a show, they expect someone to take note so that it won’t recur the following year.