Traditional channels still popular

Successful promotion

(posted on 9/05/2018)

Digital media are increasingly used but professionals still expect to be contacted in the traditional way.

Portugal is a modern country at the cutting edge of innovation in certain fields, such as new technologies. Public services are mostly paperless. But for professionals, digital communications have yet to make inroads. Companies have got the message that having a website and a social media presence are essential. So far, Facebook and LinkedIn are the two main platforms. In the most digitally-open sectors, Promosalons’ local office in Portugal is developing influencer marketing, for example at the latest edition of Silmo, a fashion blogger covered the show.

But the Portuguese like their traditional means of communication and they value a certain formality. This means paper mailshots or personalised e-mail campaigns and contacts on the ground are the most effective means of winning them over.

Relying on PR and networking

In Portugal, nurturing regular exclusive contacts with the press and professional bodies is also essential. Specialised help with this is available in almost all sectors. A press conference is an effective strategy which generates significant benefits. The local office uses it to showcase companies by gathering testimonials from professionals who have already visited a particular show. Plus, the Promosalons Portugal team makes regular visits to the Portuguese shows in the sectors it represents to monitor the market and to promote member shows as necessary, by distributing flyers, etc.

Promosalons Portugal works in collaboration with the Portuguese-French Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCILF) as they share premises. For example, the local office invited Intermat to a business seminar on the construction sector organised by the Chamber of Commerce. Joint initiatives for visiting French shows are also being developed.