The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 9/05/2018)

The trade show sector suffered during the crisis, but it has bounced back.

The number of events in 2017 increased by 30% in the two main sites, Lisbon and Batalha. For example Portugal is hosting three sessions of Web Summit, the biggest start-up show in the world, with more than 1,000 companies attending, 150 of them French. When abroad, the Portuguese like attending French shows more than others. Their second most popular destination is Germany (Fruit Logistika, Anuga, the Hannover Messe, etc.).

Portugal’s annual flagship shows (Lisbon):

  • BTL: Tourism show
  • 55,000 visitors/ 1,000 exhibitors from 39 countries
  • TEKTONICA: Construction show
  • 42,000 visitors/ 600 exhibitors
  • LISBOA DESIGN SHOW : Design show (Interior design, Fashion)
  • 55,000 visitors/ 150 exhibitors/ 300 designers
  • WEB SUMMIT: Start-up show
  • 70,000 visitors from 150 countries
  • SISAB: Agri-food show
  • 500 exhibitors/ 1,600 importers/ visitors from 110 countries