Conceived by Promosalons, the Think Tank offers organisers and the network a platform for sharing and brainstorming, a source of ideas and new practices.

The Think Tank is a focus group set up by Promosalons’ head office in March 2014 and commended in the quality survey conducted in 2018.

For organisers, it brings together some twenty participants at each meeting: division and show directors, as well as international promotion directors and managers. Promosalons is represented by country representatives together with general, marketing and sales managers from its head office. As Corinne Moreau often reminds participants in her introduction, the idea is to share and discuss the practices in the international networks, beyond the Promosalons lens. Discussions draw on the expertise within the network, which acts as a living lab, and on the wealth of experience from both country representatives and organisers.

The Think Tank has three main objectives: firstly, to explore effective international promotional strategies by identifying the relevant factors for success; secondly, to brainstorm activities that yield results, paying particular attention to new or innovative activities and thirdly, to give participants an opportunity to enjoy a mutually beneficial, constructive dialogue. Meetings take place three times a year at a networking lunch.

An approach based on shared experiences.

An in-depth preparation session, led by Laurence Agostini from the marketing department, is held prior to each meeting: this produces an agreement on the relevant topic to discuss, the network’s 55 local offices are consulted and their feedback is analysed and summarised to identify the key topics and recommend the activities to be presented. Three or four show representatives participate in the meeting to share their experiences. One or two Promosalons representatives attend the meeting to share the best practices they have defined in consultation with the shows. A summary report is produced and distributed by the head office.
Against a backdrop of new trends in professions and growing competition, the Think Tank provides the perfect forum for brainstorming towards common goals. It helps find all the right ingredients, activities and messages to continually reach potential visitors and exhibitors, to attract, win back or retain them.

Some of the topics covered by the Think Tank:

  1. The key factors for successfully promoting and marketing shows internationally.
  1. DATA: How to effectively manage databases on an international scale. How to reconcile efficient marketing with GDPR.
  1. How to use digital marketing to promote shows internationally.
  1. Optimising hosted buyers programmes internationally.
  1. Why and how to shine the spotlight on a country at a show.
  1. Which services to offer visitors and exhibitors so they maximise their show ROI.