The trade show market in Israel

The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 13/05/2015)


Israel ranks among the most powerful nations in the world, and has been one of the most resilient countries in the face of the economic crisis. It has a strong economy and a dynamic foreign trade sector.

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Thanks to its ultra-modern exhibition centre located in the economic capital of Tel Aviv, Israel hosts a large number of trade shows, mostly local.

The biggest international trade show is AGRITECH in the agriculture sector, which welcomes 57 international exhibitors out of a total of 253, and more than 8,100 international visitors out of a total of 35,000 professionals.

BtoB trade shows are essential for Israeli companies. Given Israel’s geographical location, environmental factors, the economic sector and the relatively small market, the country’s growth relies heavily on exports. In this sense, trade shows continue to be a must for Israeli exporters. They are not only the catalyst but also the driver and engine of development for many companies.

Please note that not enough French trade shows benefit from an Israeli offer, in direct contrast with German trade shows, which attract large numbers of Israeli businesses that come to showcase their know-how.