The trade show market in Eastern Europe

The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 23/07/2015)

Eastern Europe

Eastern European countries have much in common, and for years our offices in this region have been working hand in hand to promote French trade shows. In this latest Promosalons newsletter, we offer you more insight into this region, which is now being coordinated by Olivier Médros, director of our Croatian office.

Voir les autres Dossiers pays

Local trade shows are fairly well developed in most countries in the region. Many are organised by trade boards, federations or associations, which are genuine institutions in these countries.

Exhibitors often receive funding from chambers of commerce and industry to participate in trade shows, while visitors are used to placing orders on site and are fairly loyal to regional trade events. However, they still want something new and innovative, which they tend to find at international shows.

As a result, local industry professionals are more than willing to visit a foreign show – they just need to know about them. French trade shows face stiff competition from Germany and Italy, which invest heavily in the promotion of their own shows, taking stands at local shows, advertising in specialist media and benefiting from lobbying by their embassies.