The trade show market in Canada

The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 10/02/2015)


As the world’s tenth economic power, Canada boasts a healthy economy and has seen its GDP increase every year for more than two decades. Despite a trade deficit, the country’s exports and imports have grown in recent years and the Canadian government expects a balanced budget in 2015.

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Every year, multiple trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences take place in North America, most of them local or regional. National trade shows are rare, and international ones even more so. It is therefore important to convey the international dimension of the French trade shows.

The largest Canadian shows in terms of attendance attract between 10,000 and 15,000 trade visitors and 350 and 800 exhibitors each year. These include SIAL Canada (food industry), Americana and Globe (new environmental technologies), the Interior Design Show (IDS) and the Montreal International Interior Design Show (SIDIM).

Geographically, culturally and economically, Canada is most interested in shows in the United States. However, the fact that a portion of the Canadian population is French-speaking is often an advantage for French trade shows.