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(posted on 14/01/2015)

The United Kingdom

...the Eurozone’s leading European trading partner, is emerging slowly from the crisis thanks to the austerity plan introduced by David Cameron’s government, and currently has the lowest unemployment rate since 2008. A likely explanation for why the majority of Scots voted to stay in the Union.

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The British are pragmatic and it is essential to communicate clearly, precisely and concisely, above all using a high standard of business English, particularly with journalists who will be far more likely to use a press release that doesn’t need extensive editing.

The exhibition website being the primary showcase internationally, it must also obey these essential rules and enable British exhibitors and visitors to find the information they need quickly and easily.

In this fiercely competitive climate, it is vital that French trade fairs maintain visibility, even minimally, among their target audience with a constant, regular stream of promotional communication. Above all it is a question of demonstrating that trade fairs really are the place to meet influencers and offer valuable business and networking opportunities.

In addition, the British like to know that other UK companies will be present at the show. It is therefore important for Promosalons United Kingdom to circulate information among the various players.

Finally, it is necessary to engage in sector-specific promotion in the UK. Due to habit and lack of time, the British tend to take an interest only in their own sector. This is why press conferences don’t work very well in the United Kingdom, and one-to-one meetings with the press tend to have greater impact.