The show’s promotion in Eastern Europe

Successful promotion

(posted on 23/07/2015)

Eastern Europe

Eastern European countries have much in common, and for years our offices in this region have been working hand in hand to promote French trade shows. In this latest Promosalons newsletter, we offer you more insight into this region, which is now being coordinated by Olivier Médros, director of our Croatian office.

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One-on-one meetings are greatly appreciated by trade professionals in countries such as Croatia, Poland and Bulgaria and generate excellent results. These meetings often take place at local trade shows which are ideal venues for meeting potential visitors to French trade shows from the same sector.

In addition to efforts on the ground, it is important to set up promotional campaigns on social media. This medium is gaining momentum in Eastern Europe. Industry professionals are more connected than in recent years and go directly to Facebook or LinkedIn (the most popular sites) for information. Meanwhile, our offices in Croatia and Bulgaria spearheaded a number of initiatives in 2014, resulting in a major boost in visitor numbers at the shows represented by these offices.

Direct marketing is still effective in most countries in the region, including Poland, Croatia and Bulgaria. Telemarketing or e-mailing, for example, is essential to reach professionals in all trade sectors. There is no law against mass mailings in these countries, except in the Czech Republic, which is subject to very strict regulations on e-mailing and prefers postal mailshots, which are slightly more expensive but far more effective.

As for industry professionals in Poland and Croatia, they like a detailed personal presentation of a show and are especially appreciative when a show director travels to their country. This makes them feel more valued, and they will take more notice of the event in question. Consequently they are more likely to go to France.