Two major projects in 2017 speed up Promosalons digital transformation.
Promosalons began training its employees for the digital transformation back in 2012.

Promosalons began training its employees for the digital transformation back in 2012. Since then, the regional offices have run a large number of campaigns involving the digital channels, such as the Facebook Valentine’s special in Italy for the International Lingerie show, the Power blogger partnership on Naver in Korea for World Efficiency and Vinexpo and its campaigns on Germany’s professional network Xing for ALL4Pack and SIMA. Although digital communication is now part and parcel of trade show promotion, it does not appear to be so prominent in markets outside France. In most communities, communication is in French, and sometimes English, but rarely in other languages. So Promosalons is your perfect partner to develop trade show digital communications on the international market.

Two flagship initiatives :
In 2017, Promosalons launched two projects to step up its digital strategy. First, it introduced a common platform offering all trade shows equal access to the tools and expertise they need. It included a web-presence for all the regional offices, as well as presence in the influential social media channels in their countries, and their competence in digital marketing media. It then deployed effective web marketing tools: Promosalons’ own visitor CRM (Microsoft Dynamics) - designed to manage the databases of tradeshow members - was implemented in the 18 Promosalons subsidiaries in 2017 and may also be adopted by some partner delegations. Email software (Clicks Dimensions) is incorporated into the CRM to run marketing automation campaigns and can also monitor the internet user’s behaviour up to the point they reach the trade show website. Finally, an e-listening app (Microsoft Social Engagement) will keep an eye on the digital publications of the tradeshows and their competitors worldwide and help identify and approach the influencers.

Increased use of technology :
Promosalons uses digital technologies to run tailored campaigns: mass mailings, with segmented, targeted emails and influence marketing, because it enables them to make contact with new players who, in turn, pass on the trade show message. This led to new partnerships for SILMO 2017 in Germany and with bloggers and influencers in the UK. It also uses online advertising and SEO to get the trade show venues to the top of the search engine results in their local markets. Finally, the delegations use social media to advertise and share information about the trade shows on their own accounts, the organisers’ accounts or other local influential spaces (groups, blogs, forums, etc.).