The main Ivorian trade shows:

The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 30/03/2018)

Ivory Coast

Bolstered by its natural resources and political stability, Ivory Coast is enjoying rapid growth and paving the way for a successful modern economy.

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The main Ivorian trade shows:

  • Archibat : Architecture and building show, Abidjan, 300 exhibitors from 15 countries/30,000 visitors (2017). Frequency: biennial.
  • Sara : Agricultural and Animal Resources Show, Abidjan, 600 exhibitors from 18 countries/200,000 visitors (2015). Frequency: biennial.
  • Sila : International Book Fair, Abidjan, 50 exhibitors/75,000 visitors (2017). Frequency: annual.
  • Sita : International Tourism Fair, Abidjan, 148 exhibitors and partners/65,000 visitors (2017). Frequency: annual.