The keys to successful promotion in Canada

Successful promotion

(posted on 10/02/2015)


As the world’s tenth economic power, Canada boasts a healthy economy and has seen its GDP increase every year for more than two decades. Despite a trade deficit, the country’s exports and imports have grown in recent years and the Canadian government expects a balanced budget in 2015.

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Canadians have a pragmatic approach to communication, which is based on common sense. They don’t make exaggerated claims and they become suspicious if something sounds ‘too good to be true’. Information sent to Canadian trade professionals must therefore be:
- clear: choose simple words (don’t try to impress) and be as straightforward as possible when addressing subjects that are themselves complicated
- coherent: begin with what is most important
- concise: get straight to the point and eliminate extraneous information

By applying these three key principles, it is easy to make contact with the right people in a company.

Our Canadian office tends to use the phone rather than any other form of communication to present Promosalons and its shows and explain to prospects the usefulness of the information they will be receiving. Note that given the Canadian government’s anti-spam legislation (which prohibits the sending of sales-related messages without the explicit consent of the recipient), it is now mandatory to telephone in advance to obtain an e-mail address.

Much of the Canadian office’s success is based on its relationships with sector professionals. Networking events are very popular and Canadians appreciate the fact that our local office can help with a comprehensive range of services from travel arrangements and pre-registration to planning a visit and even accompanying visitors at a show.

Another point to bear in mind is that it is crucial to respect a person’s language (either English or French), not just at meetings but also in communication tools.
Canadian trade professionals are mainly interested in their own industry sector, which is why Promosalons Canada enjoys excellent relationships with its partners in the trade press, federations, associations and governments. This facilitates market segmentation and makes it easier to identify targets.

A versatile team

Founded in 1987 in Montreal, the Promosalons Canada office is the key link between French international trade shows and Canadian industry professionals. The team promotes eight shows and has been managed since 2007 by Christelle Rey.

The office liaises closely with its European counterparts so that it stays up-to-date with the latest trends and can offer member shows the highest quality service.