Transports Publics, the European mobility exhibition, was held in June 2018. On account of the volume of investment in this sector, high-calibre visitors were the target audience. As ambassadors of the show, Promosalons representatives organised a variety of great relationship marketing activities for 2018.

Meeting Italian decision-makers
Promosalons Italy organised a roadshow event, during which the General Manager of GIE Objectif Transport Public, Stéphanie Comère, had the chance to meet with representatives from the major transport companies for the Milan region, Italy’s national association of public transport operators (ASSTRA), Milan’s urban public transport agency (ATM) and an influential magazine, “Autobus”.
ASSTRA and Autobus visited the show in June. ATM, operator of the transport network for Milan and 51 towns in Lombardy, has said that it plans to attend the show in 2020.

A networking event in the United Kingdom
In partnership with the director of the publication “Passenger Transport” – who was also on the panel for the show’s “Talent in Mobility” award – Promosalons UK organised a PR and networking event. The event brought together the main industry players: public and private operators (Arriva, RATP, Transport for London etc.), suppliers (Siemens), young companies developing innovative applications and other associations. Following an introduction of the show and of the sector in France, Frédéric Baverez, Chairman of GIE Objectif Transport Public, and its General Manager leveraged the opportunity to network with some thirty participants. The success of the event boosted the number of show pre-registrations, which rose from 58 in 2016 to 71 in 2018.

High-calibre visitors from the Netherlands
Promosalons Netherlands partnered up with Dutch public transport association KNV to organise a visit day to the show for a Dutch group. Seventeen people were in attendance, including institution members, managers of public transport companies and journalists. The programme’s focus for the day was on learning about the major developments in the sector (electric buses, Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Mobility on Demand (MoD)). The companies Transdev and Keolis, in particular, gave some very interesting presentations. The initiative put exhibitors in contact with high-potential visitors and generated a great deal of coverage in the Dutch press.