Success in the Netherlands for Equip’Hôtel

As part of the EQUIP’HÔTEL Export Club, the Dutch office organised a promotional tour in the Netherlands in January, which proved hugely successful in drawing new visitors

The aim of the tour was to meet as many Dutch hotel and catering industry players as possible. This was largely achieved by meeting visitors and exhibitors at Horecava, the national hotel and catering exhibition, held in Amsterdam.

Visiting the exhibition enabled EQUIP’HÔTEL and Promosalons Netherlands to reach a varied audience and gather useful leads in a very short time, with 12 meetings and 3 hotel visits organised over two days.

The trip to Horecava was also an opportunity to strengthen relations with the country’s HoReCa (hotel-restaurant-café) market.

For the Dutch office, the operation led to new partnerships with opinion leaders in the Netherlands who will act as ambassadors, and with Dutch industry professionals who believe in the show and are willing to give talks at the next session. In addition, the journalists met at Horecava confirmed their intention to come to EQUIP’HÔTEL in November 2014.

So the operation was a real success, both for the efficient use of time and the quality of the contacts made. An initiative definitely worth repeating!

Over to Delphine Gelly, head of international development:

“Our aim is to work closely with our contacts and partners so we have a better understanding of the market and are able to offer them a more efficient service that meets their needs and expectations, and ultimately ensure the success of our shows.
We organise two types of Club Export tours in the countries: one involves giving talks to promote the show and the other, described above, involves visiting an exhibition. Both are a valuable means of networking with our various target audiences – ambassadors, exhibitors, buyers, partners, journalists and agents – and of optimising business relationships before, during and after the show.
This kind of direct contact remains the primary means of networking and building connections with the show. It’s an extraordinarily efficient way to promote the show as a means of bringing people together and generating business. But it would be impossible without the preparatory and follow-up work of our agents. In the Netherlands, Coen successfully tailored his tour to the market and gained maximum benefit. A huge success!”