SILMO launches a new concept in Portugal

Silmo chose Lisbon to host its first pop-up showroom and the operation, run in collaboration with Promosalons Portugal, was a huge success..

Promosalons helps its members develop and run new-format events in international markets. For instance, the Portuguese delegation worked with Silmo, the International Optical Trade Show, to organise a pop-up showroom in Lisbon on 30 June 2019.

The day-long event hosted 30 exhibitors of different nationalities who had come to premiere their collections to local professionals. In all, 150 visitors attended, among them the sector’s main importers, distributors and buyers, key professional associations and journalists from the specialist and financial press.
Mixing business with pleasure.

Silmo wanted to create a real sense of occasion. With the help of Promosalons, they chose an exceptional venue – Sud Lisboa a state-of-the-art 1,000 m² space with an uninterrupted view of the River Tagus from its roof terrace – which was guaranteed to attract the innovation-loving optical professionals.
The exhibitors were more accessible than at a classic trade show and the friendly atmosphere was perfect for relaxed dialogue. In addition to the welcome coffee and free brunch at lunchtime, the visitors (many of whom had brought their families) had access to a bar where a chef prepared fresh canapes to order.
Following speeches by Silmo’s president Amélie Morel and the president of the National Opticians’ Association, the day ended with drinks against a musical backdrop.

Promotion, promotion, promotion

Promosalons Portugal helped Silmo organise the showroom and pulled out all the stops to spread the word to the whole profession.
The team sent out a mailshot and follow-ups to everyone on its general list, of course, but also organised targeted actions for key accounts, professional associations and the press. It capitalised on its long-standing partnership with the National Opticians’ Association (600 members) which made a huge effort to promote the event and inspire members to attend.

The showroom provided exhibitors with the opportunity to raise their profile and find new customers and, because there was a fun element, it proved popular with Portuguese visitors. It also enabled Silmo to strengthen its links with local organisations.

Testimonial by Eric Lenoir, Director of SILMO trade shows

"One of the things which makes events such as this a success is a good relationship between the trade show and its representatives and local industry players and distributors. This was the culmination of many years of promotion and lobbying on behalf of Slimo by Promosalons Portugal. I’d like to thank Leonor for her hard work in making the event such a great success. See you in 2020 for the next Silmo showrooms."