Potential market

(posted on 4/05/2017)


Senegal is a stable and hospitable country, keen to modernise, and is currently enjoying dynamic growth supported by international partnerships. Its close cultural and economic ties with France feature heavily.

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Trade shows in Senegal are in their infancy and do not yet take place on a regular basis. The main ones are held at the International Centre for Foreign Trade, close to Dakar international airport.

EXPOBAT, the trade show for the building, public works, real estate and technical equipment industries, held its 9th edition in 2015, with around fifty exhibitors, mainly from abroad (Turkey, Italy and Dubai). SIAGRO, the agribusiness and food processing show, welcomed 110 exhibitors in 2016, including a pavilion of 43 French companies hosted by Adepta, the French agri-business promotion organisation.

SENCON, the building, materials, plant and equipment show for the construction industry, attracted around 100 exhibitors in February 2017.

Lastly, SIPAL & SIES, the food, food-processing and packaging show, was held for the 5th time in March 2017. Visitors to these trade shows mainly come from Senegal and neighbouring countries such as Mali, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Guinea.