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Promosalons CEI Russie
M. Denis Bogdanov
App. 44, 15, Staromaryinskoe chaussée
Moscou 127521 - RUSSIE


Countries covered:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Russia, Géorgie, Kazakhstan, Kirghizistan, Lettonie, Lituanie, Moldavie, Ouzbékistan, Tadjikistan, Turkménistan, Ukraine


  • Since the arrival of Denis Bogdanov, the number of Russian visitors at French trade shows has increased by 50%. In channelling more than 15,000 buyers to French exhibitions, the Promosalons Russia office has demonstrated its expertise in tailoring its promotional strategy to the market..

Practical information

Time difference with France (summer/winter): + 2hrs / + 3hrs
Office opening hours: 10:00 / 19:00
Weekly closing: saturday / sunday
Phone number: + 7 495 640 57 19

Facts and economic indicators

Population: 144 million
Official languages: Russian
Usual language (for brochures): Russian
Political stability: yes - Federal republic

Currency: ruble (RUB)
Exchange rate May 2014: 1 € = 79,8 RUB
GNP 2012: USD 3.38 trillion
Economic growth 2012: +3.4 %
Inflation 2015: +17,9 %

Main industries: extraction of oil, coal, construction machines, agriculture, food
Imports (2012): USD 524.7 million
Exports (2012): USD 312.5 million
Main export countries: Netherlands, China, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland
Main supplier countries: China, Germany, Ukraine, Japan, USA, France, Italy, Belarus