Relationship or digital marketing: keep it focussed!

For Vinitech 2018, the Italian and American offices leveraged different, yet equally effective tools.

A Texan Twitter contest for Vinitech

In 2018, Promosalons USA recommended stepping up promotional efforts in the state of Texas, where the wine-making and wine tourism industries are flourishing. The team designed a video contest on Twitter and the prize was a trip to the show. Contestants had to post a creative video about why they wanted to visit Vinitech. They had to include hashtags and certain words in their Tweets to help the contest go viral and enhance the visibility of the show.

The local office devised a logo and a competition website. It sent out 11 e-newsletters to 278 carefully selected contacts. It also posted Tweets on its Twitter account and wrote posts for the show’s social media pages. Via LinkedIn, it notified previous past Texan visitors about the event. And to cap it all, the team gained the support of the Texan Department of Agriculture, an association and a leading blog.

The winner, who had launched a new wine brand, was selected from among six strong contenders, and enjoyed their visit to the show so much they plan to return in 2020! A previous Texan visitor was welcomed as a VIP, on account of their innovative projects. Five other winemakers came to the show and made significant investments.

A partnership with the leading Italian association

Years of perseverance have paid off for Promosalons Italy, which has entered into a partnership with the Italian association of oenologists.The association had previously focused on national industry shows, but Promosalons Italy had always kept in touch. A change in management at the association opened up new opportunities.

Following a press conference organised for Vinitech in Milan, a partnership was formed for the 2018 edition of the show: 10 high-calibre oenologists and the association’s director visited the show, met with the organisers and attended Vinitech’s evening event.

Ahead of the show, the association had sent out an e-newsletter to 4,000 oenologists, and this led to a sharp increase in the number of pre-registrations (+63%) and visits. This partnership is still continuing, with the association including Vinitech in the research programme for its members.

These two successes illustrate how complementary activities yield very good results for Vinitech, which saw an average increase of 30% in visitors from the countries within the Promosalons network. Although digital communication is increasingly important, more traditional tools still have their place.