Promosalons serving the agri-food sector

A roadshow promoting trade shows in the food sector has just taken us to Japan, Italy, Germany, India and, most recently, Morocco.

Thanks to a programme co-funded by Promosalons and the Paris Region Economic Development Agency, the unwavering commitment of the shows in this sector and thorough preparation and coordination by our overseas offices, we took our new-format promotional tour to these countries. In some cases it was to build on the loyalty of the already large number of visitors or exhibitors, and in others it was to tap into the huge potential.

The road show involved a presentation of the trends and characteristics of each market by local experts, enabling us to highlight the expertise of the French shows and how they address the specific issues that each country faces (changing consumption patterns, more sustainable agriculture, smart packaging, etc.).

A way, popular with journalists and institutions in the countries visited, to demonstrate how innovation – an inherent feature of our shows – can represent an opportunity for companies in their countries.

And a way for us to demonstrate how these group operations, when properly managed and when everyone plays their part, benefit each exhibition’s development.
There is, of course, much to look forward to in the second half of the year, for other exhibitions and new horizons to explore.

Corinne Moreau,
CEO of Promosalons