Promosalons Sales Departments are a real hit

Promosalons’ system of sales departments was set up five years ago. This success story is increasingly winning over event organisers.

Promosalons set up the sales departments in 2011 in response to a request from one of its members. The system has proven effective and is growing fast. Five years ago, Comexposium wanted exclusive access to a network of sales agents and Promosalons – with a presence in 55 countries and an expert at helping organisers achieve international growth – was well placed to deliver what they needed.
Sales departments were set up in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Holland, the UK, Turkey, Korea, India and Japan – ten in total.

Now 24 of Comexposium’s trade shows employ these sales departments, whose staff numbers have risen from 12 to 24 dedicated salespeople.

How does it work?

Each sales department offers an in-country team of salespeople dedicated to finding exhibitors for a trade show or group of shows.
Based on the number of shows and the sales targets, Promosalons assesses the workload and suggests an appropriate level of staffing. This figure may change over time. The country delegation recruits, trains and gives ongoing support to each Head of Sales. Under this arrangement, the organiser benefits from a dedicated team on the ground – people who speak the language and understand the local culture.
A sales department costs from €80,000 to €100,000 per year per team member, excluding a variable component linked to the objectives.
As with any business development, results are measured over the long term – but they are already delivering. In the departments that have been running for several years, staff regularly exceed their targets by 120%.
Promosalons’ sales departments are flourishing with new operators. Developments are currently underway involving JEC, among others.