Promosalons meetings: time to strategise!

Ever since Promosalons was established, the six-monthly meetings have been a key event for network members and regional offices. They are unique opportunities to share ideas and work together on the shows’ international promotional strategies. More than just an assessment of current initiatives, these meetings are designed to be used by show directors and communications managers as a tool for setting benchmarks, stimulating discussion and making decisions.

Two sessions per year

From the start, Promosalons has organised two meetings per year. The first two mornings of the week are devoted to Promosalons and member show plenary sessions. These talks are an opportunity to present our promotional strategy to all the regional offices. The rest of the week is dedicated to individual or group meetings. On the final day, head office and regional offices get together to share best practice and discuss network developments. This is also a day when training can be conducted.

To ensure a maximum number of participants, we always try to find the two weeks of the year that will be most convenient for the vast majority. We take multiple factors into account, such as show dates, French school holidays, major events in certain countries and ad hoc events related to our business.

A strategic focus

This annual highlight is a unique opportunity for our show organisers to get together to make decisions and discuss operations. These meetings serve two purposes:

  • They are an opportunity for the regional offices to discuss their international promotional strategy with the shows’ key decision-makers. Promosalons regional representatives are experts in their markets and come specifically to share their wealth of experience and knowledge of their countries. As a result, organisers gain key insights into each region’s characteristics. It is crucial for show directors to participate more in Promosalons meetings and recognise these events as a tool for setting benchmarks, stimulating discussion and making decisions. They can then better tailor their strategy to each country.
  • Operational teams can interact with regional representatives face to face because we firmly believe that, despite the boom in new technologies, human contact is still the best way to develop strong relationships based on trust and understanding. These two factors are key to determining the best tools and courses of action to be implemented.

Meeting set-up tailored to show needs

Promosalons has been arranging these meetings, which used to be called “Confessionals”, from its early years. To make these events as enjoyable and effective as possible for each participant, the meeting format is constantly updated to keep pace with changes in the network (now 55 offices) and members (now 80 shows).

And to maximise time, we schedule back-to-back appointments for each show organiser and do everything we can to provide them with the best possible working conditions.