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Successful promotion

(posted on 3/10/2019)

Forging long-term relationships, creating content-rich events and bringing people together are some of the keys to successful promotion in Algeria.

Founded in 2004, the Algerian office has understandably forged close relationships with all the trade & professional associations. That’s vital in this country where most companies are members of these organisations, which circulate information, helping to spread the word about the trade shows and boost visitor numbers.

The press is also a valuable ally, which Promosalons Algérie gets on board by organising press conferences and negotiating reciprocal arrangements.
Promotions rely mainly on personalised paper mailshots, felt to be better received by recipients than other forms of publicity. These are then followed up by email or phone, mainly to raise awareness while estimating future visitor numbers.
Developing digital communications remains challenging due to slow broadband speeds, and only appear relevant for B2C business.

Organising events is extremely worthwhile. A recent success was the networking meeting the Promosalons office organised for ALL4PACK in Algiers in September 2018. The event was packed with content – Comexposium presenting the results of a study, followed by discussions with well-known Algerian market players – and was attended by 37 companies and 16 journalists.

Promosalons Algeria also organises an annual press breakfast for the International Agri-food Industry Show (SIAL) attended by the major financial, business and general media. This regular promotion, which receives significant press coverage, helps keep the show in the public eye and increases visitor numbers.
Meanwhile, in the construction sector for each edition of Le Mondial du Bâtiment, Promosalons Algeria organises an information and networking event for the main industry operators (public, private and institutional), the press and influencers.

The business climate can affect numbers, as can the fact that it has recently become more difficult for visitors to obtain a visa. The situation should improve now that the Director of Promosalons Algeria has liaised with the Consul in Algeria and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in Paris. Achieving good results requires long-term sector-specific initiatives and commitment.