Keys to successful promotion in Indonesia

Successful promotion

(posted on 29/07/2014)


...the fourth most populous country in the world, has high domestic consumption and low public debt. These key strengths make it a high-potential emerging nation.

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Although the archipelago extends over a very wide area, Indonesian companies always have a representative on the large islands like Java and Sumatra. Organising an event to promote a trade show is always appreciated. They are not afraid of travelling long distances if the offer is more attractive than that of the competition. Paris is a strong draw for them, but the reputation of the show even more so.

Indonesians often prefer to follow the recommendations of people they trust when it comes to visiting an exhibition. That is why it is essential to identify and make contact with opinion leaders in the sector, such as the chairman of a trade association or a high-profile industry personality.

Promotional tours of manufacturers and/or government institutions, organised for a trade show by the Promosalons office, are also very effective and help to boost the show’s image and reputation. They enable the organiser to meet key players from the sector and understand the workings of the Indonesian market.

Similarly, standard marketing actions such as mailshots and following up by telephone are particularly effective in Indonesia. A direct approach to potential visitors is preferable. E-mailing is frequently used to support a traditional mail-shot campaign.