Nicolas TRAN, Marketing Director, International Paris Air Show

The International Paris Air Show will be open to the trade and general public from 15 to 21 June 2015 at the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre. We ask the show’s marketing director, Nicolas Tran, to tell us about some of the highlights we can expect this year.

Can you tell us more about your show and the highlights of this upcoming session?

The International Paris Air Show has been the world’s biggest aerospace exhibition since its inception in 1909.
It has supported the aerospace industry’s development from the very beginning and is still the sector’s leading event.

The show is held every odd-numbered year in June at the Le Bourget Exhibition Centre and attracts more than 2,200 exhibitors, 140,000 trade visitors, 180,000 members of the public and 140 aircraft. The entire show is spread over 70 hectares (approx. 700,000m²).

We are one of the few shows to have trade-only days followed by general public days. The first four days are reserved for the trade and the last three are open to the public.
Another feature of the show is its three types of exhibition space: indoor halls, outdoor space (a “Static Display” area for aircraft and buildings) and business chalets (which take more than six months to set up!).

For the 2015 session, in addition to the many innovations that exhibitors will be presenting, we will have new aircraft on display such as the Airbus A350, which did a fly-by during the 2013 show.

Recruitment is key to the industry and so we have set up a display called “The Careers Plane” - which is a mock-up of an aircraft assembly line - next to our Jobs and Training Forum.

Emphasis will also be placed this year on sustainable development and environmental protection, most notably through an exhibition of manufacturers’ research and innovations on the theme of The Sky of Tomorrow.

Those are just some of many highlights in store this year.

What is your international development strategy?

From its very first session in 1909, the show has welcomed international exhibitors and visitors.
This international aspect is part of the show’s DNA.
As far as visitors are concerned, we decided to focus on countries with strong potential as well as those that are harder to reach directly.

This means relying not only on the network and contacts of the French Aerospace Industries Association GIFAS, but also on Promosalons’ offices in Brazil, China, India, Japan, Mexico, United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey.

Together we are pursuing every proven promotional strategy plus lobbying and organising events for the press and institutions.

As regards exhibitors, campaigns are conducted directly from Paris so that we can keep in close touch with our customers. In fact, the show has been fully booked for years.

Promosalons has been working with you for many sessions. Are you happy with this collaboration?

We have indeed relied on the network for many years. After all, the Paris Air Show is one of Promosalons’ founding members.

Your regional offices have the advantage not only of knowing the media but also trade associations and institutions in their respective countries and this really helps us promote the show to visitors.

Their professionalism has always helped us enormously with all our international initiatives.