Mission accomplished! Venezuela in the spotlight at Europain&Intersuc

During Europain&Intersuc in February 2016 at Paris Nord Villepinte, Promosalons’ Venezuela representative, Federico Jiménez, organised a series of activities in partnership with the Sens & Chocolat Festival to enhance the show’s event content and attract as many Venezuelan visitors as possible. We review this highly successful initiative.

At Jiménez’ suggestion, the Sens & Chocolat Festival, which promotes the fine cocoa/chocolate sector internationally, showcased Venezuela at its 2016 edition, held during Europain&Intersuc. The project was entirely coordinated by Promosalons Venezuela and PLANET GOÛT, the festival organiser.

As well as promoting the festival at the show, Jiménez also helped to source companies that produce fine cocoa/chocolate and organised various events such as the Sens & Chocolat Festival launch at the residence of the French Ambassador to Venezuela and the festival’s closing party at the Venezuelan Embassy in France.

These prestigious events brought Venezuelan fine cocoa and chocolate professionals together for the first time to promote their sector.

It was an unparalleled success that was covered live by bloggers, journalists and Venezuelan partners. The on-site presence of the Promosalons representative was key: he welcomed the speakers and special guests, and ensured the events were promoted to local media outlets via an instant chat group (WhatsApp). Media coverage exceeded expectations: more than 60 articles were published in the print press and online, four TV programmes covered Europain&Intersuc (including one on Venezuela’s biggest television channel) and 25 radio interviews were broadcast.

In total, around 100 Venezuelan professionals visited Europain&Intersuc and over 450 contacts left their details at the festival stand. This initiative promoted the show as the must-attend event for Venezuelan professionals in the fine cocoa/chocolate sector. The collaboration proved to be very positive and we are looking at adapting it to other countries or shows.

Promosalons Venezuela would especially like to thank the France Venezuela Chamber of Commerce and Industry for its support, along with Marie-Odile Fondeur and her team for the close working relationship they have developed over the past two years.

Feedback from Marie-Odile Fondeur, Director, EUROPAIN&INTERSUC

“The initiative spearheaded by Federico [F. Jiménez, Promosalons’ Venezuela representative] in partnership with the Sens & Chocolat Festival was a great success – an excellent event that we’re very proud of.
It was very exciting to see Venezuelan producers present their work and products at the event.
The passion and commitment of all involved, including the festival organisers, Venezuelan exhibitors and Federico, contributed to the rich content of Europain&Intersuc"