Mario Fiems, Director of Equip Auto

Equip Auto will take place at Paris Nord Villepinte from 13 to 17 October 2015. We ask the show’s director, Mario Fiems, to tell us about some of the highlights and developments we can expect this year.

Can you tell us more about your show and the highlights of this upcoming session?

Since 1975 Equip Auto has been the international showcase for motor industry after-sales and services. Established 40 years ago by the French Federation of Vehicle Components (FIEV), Equip Auto takes place every two years at Paris Nord Villepinte over more than 100,000 square metres of exhibition space, and brings together 1,500 suppliers of the automotive and services sector, 60% of them international, plus at least 100,000 buyers, 30% of them international.

The 2015 session will feature the major changes that are transforming the global automotive industrial landscape and the entire services economy that revolves around it. In 2009 Equip Auto promoted and showcased electric vehicles, creating at the time the first Electromobility Forum which went on to be emulated many times in France and the rest of Europe. In 2015 Equip Auto will be drawing on its solid foundations to begin a new chapter in its history, namely digital technology, which is driving growth in all industry sectors worldwide.

So alongside such popular themes as diversification and job training, we will be highlighting all the issues related to the development of connected and autonomous vehicles as well as the emergence of digital technology. In less than a decade, the entire automotive industry and services will have undergone a “digital revolution”. Equip Auto has a duty to address this issue now. Almost 40 startups and web-to-store businesses, which will be grouped together in Hall 6, will present their innovations and new services designed to meet the new mobility challenges.

At EQUIP AUTO 2015, Business will go hand-in-hand with Innovation and Inspiration. Our aim is to promote the development and longevity of the companies we are hosting.

What is your international development strategy?

Although the international dimension has been part of the show’s DNA from the beginning, our development has focused first and foremost on enhancing our offer and increasing the number of international buyers coming to Paris. Equip Auto Paris is definitely an international show but we believe there is still room for improvement. We are also putting on regular special events. In 2015 we will be organising four days devoted successively to Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Poland. These are four strategic markets that reflect our solid roots in the EMEA region.

Also, although the Equip Auto brand has not yet been cloned abroad to any major extent, don’t forget that we’ve been successfully organising Equip Auto Algeria for 10 years now in partnership with Promosalons and its office in Algiers.

Promosalons has been working with you for many sessions. What are the results of this collaboration with the network? What message would you like to pass on to the offices that have supported you?

Promosalons and its offices have shared with us both the good times and the bad. It’s more than collaboration. It’s genuine solidarity and a common determination to succeed and improve our shows, especially Equip Auto. My message is, long may this continue and let’s keep working together so that all our shows are a success.