Marie-Odile Fondeur, Director, EUROPAIN & INTERSUC

Europain&Intersuc took place from 5 to 9 February 2016 at Paris Nord Villepinte. Promosalons asked the show’s director, Marie-Odile Fondeur, to review this latest edition.

Tell us briefly about your show. What were the highlights of the most recent edition?

Europain&Intersuc is the show for professionals in the bakery, patisserie, ice cream, chocolate and confectionery sectors. It’s an international event that takes place over five days and showcases the most comprehensive offer of equipment, raw materials, products and services. At each edition we try our best to meet the expectations of sector professionals and listen to their needs. In 2016 we brought the show dates forward to reflect the industry calendar in France and abroad, for example by avoiding busy sales periods such as Christmas and Easter.

We also introduced numerous new features to revitalise the show.
Europain&Intersuc was restructured around four key industry sectors: bakery, patisserie, ice cream and chocolate-making for Intersuc, industrial equipment and the training area, Rue des Écoles.

Our first goal was to reflect the dynamism of the baking and patisserie sector. This edition was a great success and everyone enjoyed it. Each of the professions was pleased with the various events held in the spaces, such as the Baker’s Lab, Intersuc Lab, Baker’s Restaurant, the Cube and the Talks Café. The idea behind the labs was to bring in the profession’s stars to give live demonstrations and offer solutions for updating product ranges, etc. The Cube hosted the contests: the Bakery World Cup, the French Schools Cup and the International Confectionery Competition. These events have to be organised well in advance of the show, especially because of the long selection process for each participant. They attracted a large number of bakers and patissiers and are key events for the sector.

One of the highlights of the show was the visit of French President François Hollande, who came to pay tribute to the entire profession and show how important this sector is for France.

In short, despite the challenging geopolitical situation and the fact that the show is held within a few months of IBA, the rival event in Germany, Europain&Intersuc attracted many bakery and patisserie professionals and reflected the sector’s vitality.

What is your international development strategy?

Our international strategy is simple. We want to promote the Europain&Intersuc brand worldwide to attract as many international professionals as possible, both visitors and exhibitors. We’re investing in international marketing through the Promosalons network, our preferred partner. With the help of our international representatives we have quickly identified the countries with the strongest potential. For several years we’ve worked closely with some 40 Promosalons delegations, and we’re very happy with this collaboration. This year I travelled to 13 countries to promote the show. I’ve noticed that some countries are particularly attached to the Europain&Intersuc brand. We often invite former contest winners and participants to local press conferences to give a sense of the show’s added value. They talk about the profession, about the benefits of trade shows in general and about Europain&Intersuc in particular. These testimonials along with market trends are often the keys to a successful press conference.

International professionals flocked to the show despite the tense geopolitical situation at the start of this year. The media coverage made people nervous, so the Promosalons representatives played a crucial role as contacts in their respective countries. Promosalons also supported the trade show sector by inviting 20 international journalists to Paris to show them that the city is back to normal. I’d like to thank them for this important initiative.

Promosalons has supported Europain &Intersuc for many years. How do you see your collaboration with the network?

I should mention that I also manage another show that doesn’t have access to the Promosalons network, and I really miss it. I’ve travelled the world with Promosalons and it’s helped me a lot. I know it’s because of them that Europain&Intersuc gets so many international visitors. There’s no mystery about it: to break into international markets, you need an established network in the countries themselves. Local staff must become our long-term contacts, because it’s not enough to come for two days a year to talk about the show. The Promosalons teams are reliable people who understand the local culture and have all the right contacts. When I travel abroad I always receive a warm welcome and they are excellent at event organisation. I also really appreciate the fact that Promosalons hosted a get-together on the opening day of Europain&Intersuc, which enabled us to greet the representatives ourselves and give them a guided tour of the show and its new features. It was an important moment that helped strengthen our partnership.

*An initiative spearheaded by the Paris Île-de-France Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the CEP. See Zoom p.8 for further details.

Photo caption: President François Hollande,; Serge Valadou, Chairman, Europain&Intersuc; Marie-Odile Fondeur, Director, Europain&Intersuc; Jean-Pierre Crouzet, Chairman of the CNBPF (French National Confederation of Bakery and Pastry Professionals); Olivier Roux, Deputy Chairman, GL Events.