Le Mondial du Bâtiment discusses the Smart City with Norwegian experts

On 4 May at the ambassadorial residence of the French Embassy in Oslo, Promosalons Norway held a quality networking event on behalf of Le Mondial du Bâtiment. The event brought together some forty top level industry and institutional representatives, journalists and architects from the construction sector, including the director of Oslo city council’s Smart Oslo project, the director of the National Association of Norwegian Architects’ Sustainable Cities and Residential Development programme, and a political figure involved in a development project providing 6,000 homes in the urban sector.

The director of Le Mondial du Bâtiment, Guillaume Loizeaud, was in Oslo to discuss the concept of the Smart City with Norwegian experts. He presented three examples of neighbourhoods in France that embrace this concept: Ikari in Lyon, the first urban positive energy block (by the architect Kengo Kuma), the Mont Saint Michel bridge (Dietmar Feichtinger) and the Marseille Docks (Alfonso Femia). The meeting gave rise to fruitful discussions on the Smart city theme and the ever-increasing role of innovation in the construction industry.

Le Mondial du Bâtiment, which takes place 6–10 November 2017, will showcase an offer guaranteed to meet the expectations of Nordic visitors who are already at the cutting edge of technology and mindful of the concept of sustainability.

Please click HERE to see Le Mondial du Bâtiment’s presentation at this event.