Successful promotion

(posted on 13/05/2015)


Israel ranks among the most powerful nations in the world, and has been one of the most resilient countries in the face of the economic crisis. It has a strong economy and a dynamic foreign trade sector.

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Each sector or trade show requires an in-depth analysis of the relevant market to target the most profitable, high-quality prospects.

The best communication tools will vary according to the target audience. For some, email will be more effective than a print ad or Facebook page. For others it will be the opposite. It is important to know your target audience of professionals thoroughly in order to communicate information about the trade show as effectively as possible.

The importance of ‘opinion leaders’

Most of the time, a professional with influence in his/her sector (opinion leader) will enable you to reach the people who may be interested in the show more quickly and easily. These contacts are more attentive and will even request information from an opinion leader.
It may take a long time to research these contacts but the time you save afterwards will quickly pay off.

New technologies for communication

Israel’s professionals are very well connected to new technologies. Tel Aviv is considered the second biggest hi-tech centre in the world after California’s Silicon Valley.* Because of this, social networks and apps for mobiles or tablets are widely used for BtoB communications.

For example, in 2014, Promosalons Israel representative Yves Benhayoun teamed up with an opinion leader to create a ‘Whatsapp’ group (an instant messaging app for mobile phones) to tell potential visitors about the Piscine Global trade show. He used it to communicate all the information about the trade show to the 65 members, such as dates, location, events and external activities.

This form of communication, which is still unusual for some, was a big success because the 65 people who signed up to the group came to the show.

In addition to the daily support Yves provided before and during the event, he also organised a technical site visit outside Piscine Global, with English-speaking representatives and sector specialists. The Israeli professionals really enjoyed seeing the products in situ after several years of use.

This type of service, tailored to visitors’ needs, is an added benefit that encourages loyalty among industry professionals for future editions.

*According to the ‘Startup Ecosystem 2013” global report.