Promosalons is continuing its joint promotion programme for the benefit of its members, focusing on two main areas: enabling Promosalons representatives to come to trade shows and supporting Promosalons members with sector-based promotional initiatives in partnership with Paris Region Entreprises.

Promosalons representatives at member shows

As in 2015, Promosalons is again this year helping to bring its own representatives to member exhibitions. The aim is to enable representatives who have never been to the shows, or who have not been for a long time, to visit so that they are better equipped to promote them in the future, and also to accompany and assist journalists, institutions, buyers and VIPs at the shows. Some twenty shows will benefit from this support in 2016.

Brussels and the Industry of the Future initiative

Continuing the joint promotion action programme conducted in partnership with Paris Region Entreprises, three major operations were carried out during the first half of 2016.

The first, on 19 May in Brussels, brought together 50 Belgian experts, journalists and institutions to engage in discussions with French trade show representatives on the theme: “Industry of the Future: how can we ensure the success of its digital transformation?”. The quality of the participants and their presentations led to high-level discussions on the subject.

Agrifood trends and innovation in Seoul

In South Korea, the spotlight was on trends and innovation in the food sector. Five trade shows from this sector (ALL4PACK, Europain & Intersuc, Natexpo, SIAL and SIMA) were represented, hosting a content-rich conference with Korean experts. The event, part of the France-Korea Year programme, was officially opened by the French Ambassador in Korea, Mr Fabien Penone, and brought together almost 200 professionals and journalists from the business, mainstream and specialist media. It led to a stimulating exchange of views and reflections on innovation in this sector as well as extensive press coverage. The audience was fascinated by the topic of the meeting and asked plenty of questions during the day.

Lunch in Tokyo for the food industry shows

The final operation of this first half of the year, held in Tokyo, was a press meeting at the Keisuke Matsushima restaurant whose Michelin-starred chef shares his time between Nice and Tokyo. The fifty handpicked Japanese journalists and representatives of the business, mainstream, MICE and specialised media particularly enjoyed the lunch format which allowed them to network with representatives of French trade shows.

Each of these events was followed by meetings and interviews with local journalists and representatives, to deepen the relationship and maximise press coverage and partnerships with trade shows.

A more than positive outcome

These prestige operations were an opportunity to rejig trade relations between the host countries and France and promote its attractiveness and that of Paris Region as leading international trade show markets. They also enhanced the attractiveness of Promosalons member shows and strengthened their reputation among important opinion leaders and experts from the three countries.

In addition to these public relations actions, the Dutch office carries out year-round multisector promotional and lobbying operations and invites journalists to trade shows in France.

The programme will continue in the second half of the year with an operation in Cologne in late September, promoting French trade shows as a gateway to African markets. On 6 October, London will host a promotional event for trade shows in the fashion, hospitality and interior design sector. Finally, an operation in Milan on 26 October will bring together a number of trade shows in the construction, environment, transport and logistics sectors on the theme of smart cities.