Innovation Promotion Credit

As part of our remit to support the international development of our member trade shows, Promosalons has developed a tailored financial support mechanism known as the Innovation Promotion Credit (IPC). This credit enables shows to invest even more in innovative promotional strategies. Find out more about how the IPC works and its benefits below.

The IPC as a complement to collective promotional operations

Since 2013, Promosalons has financed collective promotional activities aimed at enhancing the attractiveness of French international trade shows globally (See Newsletter 51). Over the past 2 years, Promosalons’ headquarters and regional offices have worked closely with French institutions (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in particular) as well as with international institutions (French embassies and export support networks). In partnership with Paris Region Entreprises,collective cross-sector and sectoral promotional operations have been organised in several countries (7 to 8 operations per year). Trade show sector studies have also been carried out as part of an in-depth market watch. The presence of Promosalons representatives at member trade shows has been reinforced to maximise the promotional opportunity and to welcome visitors.

Financial support for trade shows

Going even further, Promosalons has created a financial mechanism to support the trade shows’ international promotion activities.

Starting with the 2016 editions of member shows, Promosalons will reimburse 50% of additional days spent on promotional activities compared with the previous edition across the whole of the network. This credit relates to the regional offices’ fees (direct costs will still be payable by the show organiser).

Focus on innovation

Why the IPC? In recent years, Promosalons has observed that the international promotion marketing mix is evolving. Against a backdrop of increased competition, developing and maintaining a close relationship with key market players means stepping up relationship marketing.

New technologies have dramatically increased the number of communication channels (web, email, social media, mobiles, etc.). With the growth of digital marketing, communication is becoming more interactive and participative. This requires a rethink of both the medium and the message.

An effective international promotional campaign has to have the right marketing mix. It means combining traditional mass marketing activities (mail shots, email, etc.) with relationship and viral campaigns (site visits, B2B meetings, presence at local events, identifying and engaging influencers, local partnerships) and the phenomenal leveraging power of digital marketing.

The IPC’s tailored financial support will enable trade shows to pursue and expand their international development strategy with the help of the network, by implementing innovative marketing actions.

All these Promosalons initiatives are helping to raise the profile and build awareness of our member trade shows, and fostering more active involvement from the network to support our members’ activities.