Services help to increase the appeal of French trade shows as they enhance the “return on investment” (ROI) and the “return on emotion” (ROE) for participants. Recognising this, Promosalons is developing a range of services for international exhibitors and visitors, alongside those for its member shows.

For several years, Promosalons has observed dwindling loyalty among international attendees at French trade shows. The reasons are varied: churn among the key players, competition from other international shows and other event formats, greater client unpredictability but also a certain level of dissatisfaction — and that merits analysis. To reverse this trend, it is essential to give visitors and exhibitors the optimal show experience, from the moment they register through to when they leave the show, plus a tangible return on their investment.

Today, trade show organisers are offering a range of services to their clients, in terms of reception and logistics. They are enriching content, enhancing exhibitors’ presence and promoting business opportunities. Although often provided free of charge, these high value-added services are rarely used, despite the considerable investments involved. Perhaps more communication and education are required.

Targeted services for international attendees
Here, Promosalons is developing an additional range of services specifically aimed at international exhibitors and visitors. Initially, the team at head office surveyed the network to identify and prioritise those services particularly suited to the needs of international participants.

Then, during a Think Tank in late January 2018, they discussed this with the member trade shows’ marketing and communication teams to understand their practices and confirm the general direction.

Finally, a package of services was designed and presented to the network during the June Promosalons meetings. A pilot is underway with about 10 local offices for trade shows being held between October 2018 and March 2019. This test phase will allow for any adjustments to be made.

Some services relate to reception and include a unique accommodation offering, private shuttles or shopping opportunities. Services are also being planned to foster business relations between international exhibitors and visitors while travelling (organisation of one-to-one meetings, networking opportunities, matchmaking). These services will be warmly welcomed by trade show attendees as they contribute to optimising their ROI.

So Promosalons will continue to promote existing services while at the same time offering new ones. This project also has the advantage of securing new avenues for development for its partner offices, to offset the decline in their visitor promotion activities. It therefore meets the twin objectives of locking in loyalty and ensuring greater satisfaction.