How is your Guanxi?

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(posted on 24/03/2017)


Taiwan remains relatively unexplored by French manufacturers and trade show organisers. And yet its strong skew towards international trade makes it a wellspring of untapped potential.

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Choosing the right strategy is important when doing business in Taiwan, but you also need to take the right approach in your relationships.
The cornerstone of success in Taiwan is Guanxi, a way of relating that characterises Chinese society. Although the Taiwanese are very open in their business dealings, they like to take time to get to know their counterparts and build long-term relationships with them. Warm hospitality is essential.
The Taiwanese appreciate good manners and considerate gestures, while they will balk at the slightest confrontation.
When meeting decision-makers, being accompanied by local representatives will improve your chances of building the kind of interpersonal relationships that are crucial to success.

Social media is a must

With a penetration rate above 80%, Taiwan is one of the most connected nations on the planet. The Taiwanese rank among the world’s heaviest internet users, and connected objects are very much part of the landscape – meaning that whatever sector you’re in, it is essential to have a digital strategy in addition to your direct marketing operations.
The most popular social media are Facebook, Line, YouTube, WeChat, Instagram and Google+, along with local sites Pixnet, Xuite and Plurk. The Line app has taken pole position among social media for smartphone users, well ahead of all other media in terms of frequency of use.

The print media is still very influential

There are more than six thousand special-interest magazines covering the economy, fashion, leisure and lifestyle. Readers want to know about the very latest thing, so your press release is more likely to be picked up on if it focuses on an original or innovative piece of information.
It is also crucial to set up a press tour or targeted presentation to get the facts across to journalists and businesspeople. Using credible examples, the organiser must demonstrate how taking part in their trade show will open up opportunities for business development. The event should be held in a prestigious venue with impeccable hospitality, to underline the high-quality image that we want to convey.

Promosalons Taiwan – A new team

Promosalons has been represented in Taiwan since 1 November 2016 by the Business France office. Director Christophe Legillon – who was Promosalons Managing Director in Ireland for five years – heads a team of eleven experts with in-depth knowledge of their own sectors and the local business community, who are all well-versed in communications and PR.

Promosalons representative Anne-Laure Bouhadef has spent her career helping French companies grow their businesses in Asia, with prolonged stays in Hong Kong and Singapore.
Promosalons Taiwan works closely with all the French economic agencies – the French Office in Taipei, Atout France, and the France Taiwan Chamber of Commerce – as well as with overseas trade consultants.