How do we market in Greece?

Successful promotion

(posted on 13/11/2017)


Although modest, Greece’s economic recovery is happening and it’s good news for international trade and trade shows, which are very popular with industry experts.

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Direct marketing, relations with associations, digital communications… for real results we must be guided by the market.
In Greece, as in any country, each sector has its own specific characteristics which must be considered if we are to run successful promotions. The agricultural sector, for example, remains very much off-line so the best way to reach it is through direct marketing. The trade organisations are vital points of contact, not only to reach the right people but, more importantly, they can pass on the information via their website or newsletters. Plus, their credibility in the eyes of professionals reinforces the message. This does not mean we can ignore social media because major agri-food companies are very active on these channels, so it is a good way to reach them.

Digital is gaining ground

In other areas, such as technologies, construction, fashion and optics, a significant proportion of communication is via social media, with the highest traffic on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Today, many companies not only have a website but also communicate through a corporate page and several accounts (including their directors’ accounts) so digital marketing (publishing posts, advertising, etc.) is becoming a priority.

The press still carries weight

Press relations are very important in Greece. Most frequently, it is the specialist media which is targeted via press releases or press conferences. Inviting journalists to trade shows is also a very good way of getting press coverage. Organising delegations is also a good way of supporting the key sector players and encouraging direct contact.