French trade shows: total commitment

From Beijing to Berlin, we’ve been actively promoting our shows – which are of course your shows!

We have come up with a new concept for the joint promotion of your shows and it is beginning to pay off.

This involves highlighting the role played by international trade shows in the French economy, and especially in the fast-moving economy of the Paris region which offers multiple business opportunities.

In a “roundabout” yet almost self-evident way, we are demonstrating how trade shows can drive economic development, especially exports.
Naturally we are also focusing on the expert role of the show organisers, who are major contributors to this development and influential within their sector.

And we are emphasising what makes us stand out from other shows, not just in Europe but around the world. This includes our ability to spotlight trends and innovations and our visitor-centred approach.

Thanks to the support of Région Ile de France, the co-financing of our campaigns by Paris Region Enterprises, the efforts of show organisers (around a dozen French operators and the chairman of Unimev visited Beijing, while six operators visited Berlin) and the work of Promosalons staff, we have succeeded in attracting a substantial number of qualified supporters (more than 200 business and opinion leaders per campaign, including the press, institutions, trade associations, companies and influencers).

While this will never replace the individual efforts of the show organisers, it nevertheless offers genuine high-quality backing which we hope will make a difference.

We look forward to reporting next time on sector-specific campaigns.

Corinne Moreau
Directeur Général