The annual surveys conducted by Promosalons show organisers are increasingly satisfied with what we are doing. The head office team wanted to go further by conducting an in-depth quality survey.

The Promosalons quality policy is based on a permanent process of listening to and supporting its members. Throughout the year, the head office sales and marketing team act as an interface between the local offices and the trade show teams. They ensure the quality of the services provided, promote the sharing of best practices, communicate the new needs of visitors and more generally, ensure client satisfaction.
The satisfaction rate measured by the surveys among show teams is steadily increasing: it reached 91% in 2017 compared to 79% in 2013. In 2018, Promosalons decided to push this analysis further with a quality approach among members to identify what they expect from the network. Between May and September, Laurence Agostini conducted around twenty interviews with trade show directors and marketing and communication directors and managers. In the same spirit, with Magali Jorgensen she met the Comexposium sales teams who use the Promosalons services.

The power of the network

These interviews revealed Promosalons’ strengths and why we stand out from competitors. Firstly, the network is known for its leading-edge expertise in trade show media and for its mastery of promotional methods and tools. Its international reach is also greatly appreciated, as head office coordination ensures uniform tools and processes around the world. The bilingual Promosalons teams are able to liaise effectively with local organisers and players.
In the heart of their markets, they have an in-depth knowledge of the ecosystem of each show, enabling them to assess the opportunities in their market and identify the key people to target. Show organisers welcome their professionalism, their efficiency and their commitment.
Many of them stress how much they appreciate the friendly relationships they enjoy with the Promosalons teams. The network is also seen as competitive in terms of pricing. Finally, initiatives such as the think-tank encourage a collaborative approach to future-proofing within the various trades and sectors, which Promosalons supports through significant investment in new digital communication tools and practices.

What’s next?

The “Think Global, Act Local” policy needs to be systematically reinforced. This requires targeted advice and greater involvement from the local offices in the initiatives to undertake according to each country’s culture. This will need everyone to listen to each other and work together on projects - even taking risks together. Show organisers are expecting even more innovation in our activities, although some innovative proposals cannot be delivered due to a lack of resources. The network also needs to communicate better about the added-value of its work on data-gathering and updating; although local offices bring in many new visitors, they often don’t shout about it. Finally, post-show reporting and recommendations should be more standardised.

The very helpful conclusions from this Quality initiative will be sent to member shows and local offices so that we can all increase our performance, efficiency and progress.