You need to be well-prepared to market a show successfully! With its First Access service, Promosalons is helping organisers lay the groundwork before they start in earnest.

Promosalons offers an end-to-end marketing service for trade shows and since 2011, our Full Service package has attracted a number of shows, proving to be very effective.

There is usually at least one person at a local office working exclusively on tracking down exhibitors from a portfolio of shows. They send the organiser a proposed plan of action detailing sales objectives, prospected targets, a schedule and associated costs.

They handle every stage:
• market research
• compiling the dossier, prospecting
• sales
• overseeing marketing and logistics and even re-booking returning exhibitors on site.
The cost consists of a fixed price and a variable element, subject to meeting revenue figures. Promosalons bills the number of dedicated FTEs, so it can be a considerable investment for the organiser.

Optimising the pre-show stage

The Full Service package is not what some members need, so Promosalons has created First Access to handle the first, crucial phase of the prospecting process.

The service consists of thoroughly assessing the potential exhibitors in a market and compiling a very detailed prospecting file.

Promosalons starts by taking a snapshot of the market and then selects the sectors relevant to the organiser. Using telephone calls or visits to local shows, the local office identifies and qualifies the contacts to target at the sales stage. The service is deemed to be delivered once the file has been sent, with the prospecting and sales subsequently carried out by the show’s marketing teams.

The quotation for this service is based on daily fees, calculated according to the number of targets to be qualified.

First Access saves time and boosts efficiency when identifying prospective exhibitors and assessing their potential: both fundamental elements in the marketing process.