#FINDSIMABOX, a treasure hunt that’s creating a buzz

Eight Promosalons offices took part in #FINDSIMABOX, an international treasure hunt that was a great excuse for online communication.

In the run-up to its 2017 edition, SIMA PARIS organised an international treasure hunt and offered winners a free trip to the show. The hunt took place between September and December 2016. Ten boxes each concealing a SIMA PARIS 2017 flag were hidden in ten different countries. Using clues posted on social networks, participants went in search of the boxes. Once they had found one, they had to take a selfie with the flag and post it on the SIMA PARIS Facebook page, tagging themselves. The reward was an air or train ticket to Paris, accommodation for two people, and two VIP passes to SIMA and the International Agriculture Show. Five people found the boxes and won their expenses-paid trip.

Eight Promosalons local offices took part in this on-line adventure and four came up with winners — Canada, Italy, Thailand and Argentina. They had to find an appropriate place to hide the box, take photos to circulate on social media and, of course, send out all the information both on and off-line. In Canada, the information was also hosted on two specialist sites, as well as on the Facebook page of the regional farmers’ association where the box was hidden (chosen for its high density of farms). A young farmer found the box after receiving a newsletter from the Farmers’ Bulletin. In Italy, the game was run in partnership with Vazapp, a farmers’ community from the Puglia region. This community organised 20 dinners for agricultural companies, aimed at developing synergies between young farmers. Promosalons Italy hid the box at one of the companies hosting these gatherings.

#FINDSIMABOX provided an opportunity to connect in a different kind of way with a large number of people on the SIMA PARIS social networks, its local offices and their partners (media and associations), and also via press releases and newsletters. This very original idea stimulated curiosity and provided local offices with attractive content to communicate before, during and after the event via digital media.

Karine Le Roy, Communications Director for SIMA 2017 comments:

“The aim of #FINDSIMABOX was to boost our visibility, develop an online presence internationally and strengthen our image, particularly among young farmers. We were successful in reaching many young farmers, and raising awareness with the media and associations, and we can now count on new ambassadors in a number of countries. We have invented a new way of working with the Promosalons local offices and we are planning a further surprise for them in 2019!”