The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 22/11/2018)

Given the geographical, cultural and trading proximity of both countries, Canadians are very geared towards US trade shows.

However, they like coming to European and especially French trade shows to sniff out the latest innovations and discover new trends. The international dimension is an advantage, as is the French language for French-speakers, who represent 29.8% of the Canadian population.

There are a lot of trade shows in North America, but they are usually local, regional or national. Among the rare international trade shows are:

  • Sial Canada (Toronto and Vancouver) (organised by Comexposium’s partner)
    Sector: food (the only event of this size in this sector in Canada)
    Frequency: annual / 1,000 exhibitors (50 countries) / 18,500 professional visitors (60 countries)
  • Americana (Montreal)
    Sector: environment
    Frequency: biennial / 350 exhibitors / 10,000 visitors (40 countries) / 200 talks
  • Globe (Vancouver)
    Sector: environment
    Frequency: biennial / 60,000 participants (97 countries)