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The scope of local trade shows

(posted on 30/10/2014)


is one of the world’s richest countries thanks in particular to its reserves of oil and natural gas, and the prospects for promoting a French trade show there are favourable.

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Overview of the Norwegian trade show market

Norwegian trade show activities in flourishing industries like packaging, processing, food, construction, renewables and the environment have been growing for several years.

There two main types of trade show: events organised by the increasingly influential trade federations enjoy an excellent position nationally; while events organised in collaboration with an external partner specialise in booming niche markets.

Norwegian trade shows generally have a regional catchment area and attract professionals from the Nordic countries. They are developed around multi-industry concepts offering a varied, continental platform for consumer goods and, increasingly, for industry.

Norwegian trade shows are not in direct competition with French events, but they help dilute the already plentiful supply of German trade shows (top provider in Norway overall). In this sense, they weaken the position of French trade shows.