Every detail matters to Taiwanese delegates!

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(posted on 24/03/2017)


Taiwan remains relatively unexplored by French manufacturers and trade show organisers. And yet its strong skew towards international trade makes it a wellspring of untapped potential.

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Taiwanese buyers leave nothing to chance, making meticulous preparations for their visit and anticipating every possibility. Their French contacts are often surprised by how much information they ask for ahead of a meeting. They are punctual, and will often even arrive early.
They set great store by first-rate hospitality and service. Every detail counts – how pleasant people are, how comfortable the venue is, how good the security is. The Taiwanese find it very unsettling if their badge does not work, or if there is a transport strike.

Meetings always kick off with everyone exchanging business cards, so it is important to bring enough with you – preferably in English.
Being attentive and meticulous while demonstrating patience and tact will take you a long way towards getting on with Taiwanese businesspeople.